Ghee - Based Lip Balm

Why Ghee-based lip balm?

Ghee is a kind of clarified butter that commonly finds its place in the Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Traditionally, it was made by gently heating until its water content evaporated. The milk solids left behind were strained and skimmed away, leaving behind only the liquefied fat.

Ghee is an irreplaceable part of the daily Indian meals. Well, not only meals but ghee also manages to find its place in the treasure troves of Indian herbs and makes a vital ingredient of many natural remedies. 

But what is the point of having ghee in a lip balm?

Health benefits such as aid in digestion and brain power enhancement are not the only attraction of this Indian dairy product. For centuries, ghee has also been Indian grandmas’ famous remedy for chapped lips. Ancient Ayurvedic texts confirm that ghee is a great natural moisturiser that prevents the lips from getting dry and flaky and aids in general lip care.

In the end, nothing beats nature-the more natural, the better. It is the very reason 91 Ayurveda has come up with a range of lip balms infused with ghee as the main ingredient. Every 91 Ayurveda lip balm is packed with pure desi ghee’s goodness along with other miraculous naturally sourced ingredients. “Desi ghee” is the highlight in our lip balms.

We believe consumers must be aware of the ingredients used in their products. Therefore we are transparent about the type of ghee we use. We use the Sutirth A2 desi ghee made from A2 cow milk.

We produce the Ghee from Indian Cow's Milk gathered from our farm. Our cows are reared most lovingly, ingesting only natural grass and living freely on a spacious farm. We closely monitor the health and well-being of our cows to ensure the finest quality of milk. Once collected, this milk is gently heated to remove water at an area smoke point of about 465º F. Such a strong heat point impedes it from producing free radicals that impair cell function, making the A2 Desi Cow Ghee relatively healthier.

We aim to reintroduce organic Ghee to its rightful throne as a vast source of vitamins and nutrients for our body. We intend to march forth with an unshakeable belief and a dream of a healthier tomorrow, and our lip balms aim to achieve this dream of ours!

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